Today we would like to share with you about the importance of talking circles.

We have written about talking circles before, but here is a brief reminder of what they are: Talking circles are a traditional way for people to come together. They provide an atmosphere of inclusiveness, safety, and respect that encourages dialogue, learning, problem solving and co-creativeness. When everyone in the circle speaks and is heard in a respectful way, our relationships become nutritive, fun, and harmonious.

Pathways holds a talking circle every Wednesday morning. We do this once a week to provide an opportunity for our employees to come together as a community and share their experiences. Before talking circle begins, we smudge and pray. We smudge using sweet grass or sage to cleanse and purify our beings before the Creator. The smudge is a medicine that we use to clear our minds, calm our emotions, and to strengthen our spirits.

Talking circles are an important part of Pathways as they strengthen our community and provide us with an opportunity to be heard.  We acknowledge that the circle itself is sacred and that the circles themselves represent wholeness, harmony, balance, inclusiveness and the many cycles of life.

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