The Miskanawah Family Sweat Lodge is a sacred ceremony and is central to the Pathways organization.  It is a safe place for spiritual refuge and spiritual renewal; a safe place to learn, confide in elders, receive teachings and guidance from elders, make new friends, and even to gain cultural awareness for professionals.   We provide this ceremony to support our clients, our staff, and our families. The ceremony is also open to the public.

[The Lodge] became a place of healing for me because I’ve lived a colourful life. [..] To be introduced to culture through sweats taught me how to heal and how to thrive in the culture.  Now I love them, I go to every one.  It’s a place of peace and serenity where you can safely let things go with no judgment…”

The Lodge was founded by Patrick Daigneault (Swift Eagle), and is a beautiful place that welcomes all Nations – men, women, and children.  Everyone has always been included and invited.   The Lodge opens doors for families to explore.  Each individual will have a different experience at the Lodge. 
- Elder Patrick Daigneault (Swift Eagle)

There has always been animosity between my son and daughter.  Recently, I had the honor of having my son and daughter together with me at the Lodge.   Since coming to the Lodge, my son and daughter have connected and are mending the animosity between them.  They work together and are very supportive of each other now.  The positive changes that have happened in my son since he’s connected with his sister are surprising – they’ve caught me off guard.  It was the initial healing that took place at the Lodge, that’s what’s made this so special.  I feel very lucky and honoured to be part of the Lodge through Pathways – it has been so special to be able to bring both of my kids.”

 - Pathways Volunteer and Supporter

If you would like to learn more about the Miskanawah Family Sweat Lodge, or would like to participate, please contact Pathways at