Pathways Miskanawah Youth Camps invite youth, with guidance from Elders, to attend a summer camp aimed at exposing them to traditional teachings, songs, stories, and ceremonies.

We hope the youth will build important friendships with their peers and develop skills associated with outdoor living, all while enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth.

This summer, we ran two very successful summer camp sessions.  Youth participated in talking circle, smudging, sweat lodge ceremony, sage harvesting, medicine wheel teachings, and tipi camping.  We even went river rafting, cliff diving, and hiking up mountains!

Youth from all cultural backgrounds came to camp, for all different reasons.   One camper shared that they wanted to learn more about Aboriginal culture because they wanted to build stronger relationships with the Aboriginal foster kids in their home.   A South American camper expressed his appreciation for Aboriginal culture and his strong connection to a culture that was new to him.

The culture is about respect and love, and all people can relate to that.  We all want personal connections and strong relationships.

We worked hard to build a trusting and safe environment for the campers.  They took many risks; both emotional and physical.  One camper had very poor vision and expressed concern about participating in some of the activities.  By the time those activities came, she jumped right in with the rest of the campers.  She was hiking up mountains and river rafting.  When it was her turn to cliff dive, she jumped in enthusiastically.  When she hit the water, she had to follow sound of everyone’s voice to guide her to the shore.  That’s the kind of environment we strive to foster.

The campers thrived on the respect for their individuality and the freedom of choice we gave them in certain situations, and to participate in as much or as little as they wanted to in the cultural activities

Every camper was acknowledged for who they were as an individual; their being was affirmed.

To everyone involved in our Miskanawah Youth Camps, we would like to say

Hiy hiy. Thank you.