Oki, Tansi, Hello.

Welcome to Pathways Community Services Association’s new website and blog. Historically, our newsletter “Pathways Voice” was mailed out to our members and supporters but we have not done so for some time. For your interest, here are links to digital copies of the old newsletter:

Fall 2012

Summer 2012

Before we truly start this blog, we must offer our gratitude and thanks to the Calgary Foundation, whose Community grants program provided the funding we needed to refurbish our website and create this blog, among a number of other communications activities that will slowly be unveiled. We sincerely appreciate the continued support we have received from the Calgary Foundation in a number of endeavours. Recently, we also joined their Community Knowledge Centre.

In an effort to showcase our work we are committing to updating this blog regularly and to joining the modern way of doing so. As you may know, Pathways is committed to maintaining Aboriginal traditions in our work in Calgary and the surrounding area.  As our executive director Kirby Redwood says, “sharing our stories has always been a vital and traditional way of transferring knowledge and building relationships in Aboriginal culture.” So, as we share our stories through this new medium, allow us to introduce the values of our organization.

We present our values on an adapted medicine wheel to represent the harmony and connections we hope to foster within the children, youth and families we work for through our Aboriginal philosophies.  What do these values mean to us? And how do we represent them?  At our recent staff retreat, we asked teams to take photos around beautiful Canmore and show you.

·      Integrity + Honesty

·      Humour + Trust

·      Excellence

·      Respect + Inclusiveness